Double Hill Nomad 500ml

Our Wild Apple Cider


From the mountains of Central Asia, wild apples spread to every corner of the world, first domesticated in Eurasia, then crossing the Atlantic in the pockets of the first settlers. There, they escaped again into the wild, each tree carrying its own genetic universe. These Nomads can be found everywhere, In the hedgerows, ditches, sand dunes and forest edges of Prince Edward Island. Their astonishing flavours range from bitter to sharp to spicy to sweet.

Each bottle of Double Hill Nomad captures the aromas from hundreds of wild trees and each vintage offers a different expression of their unique nature.

It ferments slowly and ages at cold temperatures without the use of sulfites. 

Cider is best served chilled and paired with the great products from Island waters: Oysters, Lobster, Mussels or any other seafood and white meats.