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Double Hill Cidery is located in the hills of Caledonia, Prince Edward Island. The Farm was first settled by the MacDonald family and named Double Hill for its ravine that dissects the land into two hills. We are now growing cider apples on both sides of the ravine. In 1993, Double Hill Farm was purchased by the Manago family. Enchanted by the lay of the land, we first started planting apple trees to enhance the old hedgerows.  Then, we started planting cider apples. 



Sebastian Manago is the founder and principal of Double Hill. Going to school in Paris, he fell in love with French Cider. His aim is to create a true terroir cider from Prince Edward Island, a cider that reflects the characteristics of the soil, the unique genetics of the trees and the not too heavy hand of the cider maker. 



The Double Hill Nomad Cider is made exclusively from wild apples, collected from the hedgerows and the forest edges of the fields of eastern PEI. Their unique tastes form the structure of the Nomad cider. 


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Double Hill Cidery

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